Smokin On The Flat

Competition BBQ Team

After many years of practice in our backyards we decided to join the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) in 2013 and compete on the professional level.

We were only able to compete in three events in 2013. In our first event as professionals at The Taste Of Grand Rapids in Michigan we placed second in the state with our chicken.

That is where we caught the BBQ fever. LOL. We started out with just a couple of WalMart smokers and a Uhaul. Cooked all night and caught a couple hour catnap in our cars. Met lot of new friends.


For our 2nd event (Damn Good BBQ contest in Newaygo, MI.) we added another WalMart smoker and a camping tent to sleep in. We came in 10th place with our chicken. But we had the best time. Hats off to  everyone that had something to do with this event. Want to thank Andrea, Jimmy and all of the members of the Newaygo Area Chamber of Commerce for the great job they did to make us feel like part of their families.


Our 3rd and final event for 2013 was the Apple & BBQ festival in Spring Lake, MI. Another great venue. The whole staff was wonderful. A lot of people showed up for the festival which was great.

The only problem was that Mother Nature did not want to cooperate. Boy did it get cold! We failed to get a ribbon but still had a great time.


We learned a lot from these three events. We are already preparing for 2014. We purchased a motorhome and are currently working on our new smoker trailer that we hope to have done in time for the 2014 season



Team Members

Don White (aka Big Daddy Q)

Janice Heyboer (aka Momma Q)

Del Reed (aka Big Bubba Q)

Chad White (aka not sure yet)

Pete White (aka Poppa Q) At 92 years old he is our newest and most prized member. He cant cook a lick but he's a real ladies man. Thats why we bring him along. (BAIT)